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Ordinals creator teases first Ordinals collection

Mar 15, 2024

Yesterday morning, the famous first-ever-inscription, Inscription 0, was used to create another inscription (see below). It appears that Casey Rodarmor is finally up to something and working on his own collection 👀 

Why is this a big deal? Casey Rodarmor has only ever made 1 inscription to-date, Inscription 0. Ironically, the very creator of Ordinal Theory has probably used it the least because he’s been focused on building out the ord client which powers the Ordinals ecosystem. This week it looks like Casey has finally found time to work on his own personal ordinals project!

What’s special about how he’s doing it? The Ordinals protocol allows you to use a “parent” inscription in the transaction for another inscription, called the “child”. Casey is using his famous Inscription 0 to parent another inscription, which in turn has been used to parent 8 more inscriptions, which are grandchildren of the famous Inscription 0.

Here’s a helpful “family tree” from Leonidas:

The Biggest Ordinals Airdrop Ever.

Meanwhile, Leonidas is currently airdropping over 112,383 Runestone Inscriptions to holders of popular Ordinals collections. This is the largest airdrop to-date and is on track to cost well over 2 btc to produce. Holders of these Inscriptions will be able to claim an associated Runes token at a future date from Casey Rodarmor’s Runes token standard which launches at the halving.

Meanwhile, the Inscriptions themselves hit the chain & soon, the marketplaces.

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