Behind The Great Rune Rush With Mike Hamilton

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Mike Hamilton, Chief Research Officer at Griid, discusses his involvement in the runes protocol launch and how he snagged Rune #2. Hamilton, a seasoned Bitcoin miner since 2016, shares insights on navigating the evolving mining landscape and emphasized the importance of understanding Bitcoin’s underlying technology.

Hamilton recounts his journey from casual mining to his current role at Griid, a notable Bitcoin mining company. He highlights his development of custom scripts to dynamically adjust transaction fees, ensuring successful runes creation during the Bitcoin halving. Hamilton details his approach to securing the second runes ticker, involving precise technical execution and fee management.

The conversation also explores the broader implications of innovations like ordinals and runes for the mining community. Hamilton stresses that while these developments could introduce new revenue streams, they also require miners to have a deeper technical understanding. He advocates for miners to engage more in discussions about Bitcoin’s protocol changes to ensure their interests are represented.

Additionally, Hamilton introduced his personal project, Mutable Trees, which uses block height and block hash to create generative art that evolves with the blockchain. This project aims to highlight Bitcoin’s unique technical features and engage the community in new ways.

Overall, the podcast provided a comprehensive look at the technical challenges and opportunities facing Bitcoin miners today, underscoring the need for continuous innovation and education in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape.

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