Oklahoma’s Pro-Bitcoin Legislation

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Storm Rund of the Oklahoma Bitcoin Association joins The Mining Pod to discuss the groundbreaking Bitcoin legislation passed in the state of Oklahoma!

Welcome back to The Mining Pod! On today’s show, we’re joined by Storm Rund of the Oklahoma Bitcoin Association to discuss the groundbreaking Bitcoin legislation passed in the state of Oklahoma! In this show, Storm gives an overview of Bitcoin mining in OK (nearly one gigawatt in size!), the legislative process, what the law does for Bitcoiners and what future bills Storm is working on with the OKA!

Storm elaborates on the legislative process and the significance of the bill, which ensures that Oklahoma will not pass laws restricting Bitcoin self-custody, node operation, or mining. The bill aims to prevent future regulatory burdens on the Bitcoin industry and sets a precedent for other states to follow. He explained the challenges and advocacy required to get the bill passed, stressing the importance of local involvement and grassroots support.

The discussion also touchs on the practical implications for Bitcoin miners, such as potential incentives for demand response programs and regulatory clarity. Storm highlights the importance of state-level advocacy and the need for a decentralized approach to promoting favorable legislation for Bitcoin. He called for support from the Bitcoin community, urging businesses and individuals to join the OBA and help spread their model to other states.

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