How Maximalism Dies with Dylan LeClair | Bitcoin Season 2

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Maximalism has peaked. Bitcoin is no longer dominated by a Bitcoin maximalist dogma, but is quickly welcoming a diverse crowd of degens, gamblers and token peddlers. Is this good for Bitcoin is the question of course!

To answer that question, we’ve brought on Dylan LeClair, Director of Bitcoin Strategy at Japanese corporation Metaplanet, joins Bitcoin Season 2 to discuss Bitcoin’s changing culture scene and what “Bitcoin Accelerationism” actually means

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Chapters: 00:00 Intro 04:20 Recent travels 06:50 Michael Saylor comparisons 10:40 BitBlockBoom to BTC Asia 18:40 Narratives over time 26:30 Do shitcoins have positive externalities? 29:50 Tech(acc) to Bit(acc) 39:00 Malthusian vs Promethean 43:05 User influx may drive UI/UX innovation 45:30 Origination of Accelerationism 48:50 Who are the interesting voices in Bitcoin? 55:40 Accelerationists are Optimists

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